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The Bono Regional Directorate of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has inaugurated a taskforce that will ensure compliance with the certification of businesses before their operation in the region.

The inauguration of the task force was also to help sustain success chalked up in the reduction of fire outbreaks,, especially in public places in the region.

Since January 2023, the region has recorded 181 fire cases.

The Deputy Commander of the Bono Regional Fire Commander, DO1 Peter Tetteh, speaking at the inauguration, noted that the task force would ensure that people get their fire certificates.

“These regulations, that is LI (17) (24), specifically deal with the issuance of fire certificates. Since the coming into force of this LI, a lot has been achieved in terms of premises that have been mandated to acquire fire certificates. However, there are still some recalcitrants who have refused to acquire them. We also have some who are ignorant of this law.”

“Therefore, today, a regional task force is being inaugurated to serve as a watchdog. They will be out here to inspect, educate, and reeducate. They will ensure compliance. That is, those who are supposed to take fire certificates and then to ensure that all fire precautionary measures are put in place,” he stated.

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