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Vision, Mission & Legal Mandate

The Office of the Bono Regional Coordinating Council (BRCC) has the following Vision, Mission and Legal Mandate.

Our Vision (BRCC):

A First-Class Decentralized and Client-focused Regional Organization in Local Government Service Delivery.

Our Mission (BRCC):

To ensure the total development of the Region through effective co-ordination, harmonization, monitoring and evaluation of activities of the District Assemblies and Agencies within the Region.

Legal Mandate:

The legal mandate of the Bono Regional Coordinating Council (BRCC) as established in ACT 936 LOCAL GOVERNANCE ACT, 2016 is as follows:

Regional Co-ordinating Councils:

There is established for each region a Regional Coordinating Council in accordance with article 255 of the Constitution.
Composition of councils
(1) A Regional Coordinating Council consists of:
(a) the Regional Minister and the deputy or deputies,
(b) the presiding member of each District Assembly and the District Chief Executive of each district in the Region,
(c) two chiefs from the regional House of Chiefs elected by the chiefs at a meeting of the House, and
(d) the regional heads of the decentralized Ministries in the region as members without the right to vote.
(2) The Regional Minister is the chairman of the regional coordinating council.
(3) The regional coordinating director is the secretary to the regional coordinating council.

Functions of councils
(1) Subject to this Act, a Regional Co-ordinating Council shall :
(a) monitor, co-ordinate and evaluate the performance of the District Assemblies in the Region;
(b) monitor the use of the moneys allocated to the District Assemblies by an agency of the Government;
(c) review and co-ordinate public services generally in the Region;
(d) perform any other functions assigned to it by or under an enactment.

Planning functions of councils
(1) A Regional Co-ordinating Council shall perform the planning functions conferred on it by an enactment.
(2) For the purposes of subsection (1), there is hereby established a regional planning co-ordinating unit for each Regional Co-ordinating Council.
(3) The regional planning co-ordinating unit comprises the heads of departments of the Regional Co-ordinating Council which the National Development Planning Commission shall, in consultation with the regional co-ordinating council, appoint.

Meetings of councils
(I) A Regional Co-ordinating Council shall meet at least once a year and shall hold any other meetings as it considers necessary, at the times and in the places that may be appropriate.
(2) The Regional Minister shall convene the meetings of the Regional Co-ordinating Council.
(3) The Regional Minister may, by notice to the members of the regional coordinating council, convene a special meeting of the Regional Co-ordinating Council at the time and place and for the purpose specified in the notice convening the meeting.
(4) The Regional Minister shall preside at the meetings of the Regional Co-ordinating Council and in the absence of the Minister the Deputy Minister present shall preside.
(5) Questions at a meeting of a Regional Co-ordinating Council shall be decided by a majority of the members present and voting, and where the votes are equal, the person presiding shall have a second or casting vote.
(6) The quorum at a meeting of the Regional Co-ordinating Council is one-third of the membership of the Regional Co-ordinating Council, excluding the heads of the departments of the Regional Co-ordinating Council.
(7) The validity of the proceedings of a Regional Co-ordinating Council shall not be affected by a vacancy among its members or by a defect in the appointment or qualification of a member.
(8) Except as otherwise provided, the Regional Co-ordinating Council shall regulate the procedure for its meetings.

Regional Minister
(1) A Minister of State shall be appointed in accordance with article 256 of the Constitution by the President for each Region.
(2) A Regional Minister :
(a) shall represent the President in the Region,
(b) is responsible for coordinating and directing the administrative machinery in the Region, and
(c) shall perform any other functions delegated by the President.
(3) The President may, in consultation with the Minister of State for a Region and with the prior approval of Parliament, appoint for the region a Deputy Minister or Deputy Ministers to perform the functions determined by the President.

Regional management
(1) Repealed.8
(2) The officers and staff of the regional coordinating council form part of the Local Government Service.
(3) A regional coordinating director shall within three months after the end of each financial year prepare an annual report of the work of the Regional Co-ordinating Council in that year and submit the report, after approval by the Regional Co-ordinating Council, to the President and the Minister.
(4) The relationship of the regional coordinating director to the Regional Minister shall be that of a chief director to the Minister.

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