Digital Address: BS-0016-8470

Department of Parks and Gardens

MANDATE: The mandate of the Department of Parks and Gardens is Develop and Promote effective Landscape Beautification in our Cities, Towns and in the individual Homes. To maintain and sustain all Landscape Areas on our Roads Medians, Road Shoulders and all Roundabouts in the Cities and Towns.

MISSION: The Department of Parks and Gardens exist to Plan, Manage and Promote harmonious, sustainable and effective Environmental Horticultural enhancement and maintenance in the Districts in accordance with sound environmental principles.

VISION: The vision of the Department is to become a unique, technically competent and proactive Department, able to contribute effectively to national development and achieving higher professional standards in environmental horticulture and outreach at the local level.


The aim and objective of the Department is to ensure a safe and beautiful environment in our Cities and Towns in the country.

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