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Department of Community Development

Mr. Richard Owusu Addo

Regional Head, Community Development


The Department of Community Development exists to facilitate the effective mobilization and efficient utilization of the available human and material resources to improve the living standard of the disadvantaged rural and urban poor communities with the active participation of the people themselves and within an effectively coordinated decentralized system of administration through Adult Education and Extension Services.


The Department seeks to ensure that Community Development practices are voluntary and healthy interdependent and mutually beneficial with shared responsibilities to enhance the living standard of both urban and rural communities.

Excellent Community Development Practices which are voluntary and healthy interdependent that will be mutually beneficial with shared responsibilities to enhance the living standard of both urban and rural communities.


The main goal of Department of Community Development is to promote improvement in the living standard of people in the rural areas and disadvantaged sections of the urban communities through their own initiatives and their active participation in a decentralized system of administration.


The Core functions of the department include;

  • Community Awareness Creation / Adult Education (Study Groups and Mass Meetings)
    This programme is designed to inform, educate, create awareness and to sustain community interest in development programmes through activities like study group and mass meetings by helping communities and identifiable groups to identify their problems and help them to solve them.
  • Home Science Extension and Women Empowerment (Rural Women’s Community Based Income Generation)
    This programme is designed to ensure the transfer of skills in setting up and operating community-based income generation projects, home management, improving family nutrition, good sanitation practices to organized women’s groups and communities to improve their standard of living.
  • Extension Services
    By this programme special skills in community animation, mobilization, organization are extended to government agencies, departments, organizations and non-Governmental organizations to help them partner communities and groups to extend services to them.
  • Community Self – Help Initiatives
    Through this programme the Department gives communities which initiates their own projects technical advice and assistance from the Technical section of the Department (staff now under the Works Department of the Assemblies).
  • Youth in Skill Training
    To help reduce and eliminate, vagrancy, criminality and vagabondage by the department through its Technical and Vocational training schools provides and transfers employable skills (vocational and technical skills) towards self – sufficiency to the youth.


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