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Department of Agriculture

Mr. Denis Abugri Amenga

Regional Director of Agriculture



A modernized, climate responsive and sustainable agriculture and food system.


To facilitate the attainment of modernized agriculture and food systems through the provision of demand cost-effective and efficient extension services that build the capacity of actors along commodity value chains. The Department will promote/disseminate gender-responsive technologies/practices that enhance productivity, build resilience and supports environmental sustainability


Modernize the agriculture sector of the economy of the Bono region to;

  1. Improve food security
  2. Create employment
  3. Reduce poverty

Functions/Scope of work of the Department

The Regional Agriculture Department of Bono Regional Coordinating Council shall;

  1. Coordinate, harmonise, monitor and evaluate the performance/activities of the Agriculture Departments at the MMDAs
  2. Monitor the use of resources mobilized and or allocated to the Agriculture Departments under the MMDAs
  3. Review and coordinate services delivery by Departments of Agriculture at the MMDA
  4. Advises the RCC on matters related to agriculture development in the region, e.g. agriculture by-laws, etc.
  5. Provide technical backstopping support for the performance of any function assigned to the Departments of Agriculture at the MMDAs in the region in respect of which a particular district assembly is deficient in terms of skills and workforce
  6. Facilitate the resolution of conflicts between FBOs/farmer groups, NGOs and other collaborating institutions in the region
  7. Perform any other function assigned to it by or under an enactment

Department’s Contact Details

Official Phone number: 03520 – 27270 /0242787922

Email Address:

Digital Address: BS – 0032 – 0211

Recent Activities

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