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Department of Gender

Ms. Joycelyn Adii

Regional Director of Gender


The Department of Gender (DOG) is responsible for implementing, monitoring and evaluation of Gender related programmes, projects and activities out of the policies of the Ministry of Gender, Children, Social Protection Focused concerns and other sectors.


“Am empowered department leading gender equity for sustainable national development.”


The Department of Gender exists to promote equality and women empowerment in the implementation of policies, programmes and project through advocacy, research and education in partnership with stakeholders.

Goals of the Department
  • Integrate and enhance the participation of both sexes fully into the development process, thereby eliminating gender inequality and improving the standard of living for all.
  • Continue with the sensitization and education on programmes that help equip and liberate women from ignorance and poverty.
  • Help in the total survival and development of both Sexes


  • Implement policies, programmes, projects and plans of the sector ministry
  • Monitor and evaluate both the processes and impact of plans and programmes
  • Collaborate and network with MDAs, NGOs, CBOs to improve and enhance the socio-economic and status and circumstances of women
  • Undertake research towards improving the well-being of women
  • Provide referral and on the spot, counselling services
  • Comply with Ghana’s international obligations and ensure their integration into the development process
  • Collect and compile documentation that contributes to the body of knowledge on gender and development.

Department contact details

Phone Number: 0244967845/0209297077

GPS Address: BS-0016-7577


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