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Central Administration

RCD department
Mr. Andrews Mensah
Regional Coordinating Director

Central Administration

The Central Administration Department is the secretariat of the Bono Regional Coordinating Council and is responsible for the provision of effective and efficient general administration and organization of the Council. The Central Administration Department oversees strategic management and supervision of all support services and activities to enable departments, units and agencies provide reliable services at the RCC.
The Central Administration Department is headed by the Regional Co-ordinating Director.

The Department is responsible for managing all sections of the council including; Records, Estate, Transport, Procurement, Accounts, Stores, Security, Budget, Internal Audit, Environmental Health and Management Information Systems.

The Department also coordinates the;

  • General administrative functions
  • Development planning and management functions
  • Budgeting functions
  • Rating functions
  • Statistics and information services

The various units under the Central Administration Department and their functions is as follows:

Mr. Joseph K. Mensah
Regional Economic Planning Officer

The RPCU is responsible for plan preparation, implementation, coordination, monitoring, and appraisals of development plans of the Bono Region. The RPCU lead in strategic planning, efficient integration and implementation of public policies and programmes to achieving sustainable economic growth and development. The Unit ensures that field activities are efficiently performed to produce desired output.

The Unit is responsible for monitoring, supervision and inspection of projects in the public sector of the economy.

The Unit also performs all functions under section 17 of the National Development Planning Commission Law (1994).

It is headed by the Regional Economic Planning Officer.

Mr. Joshua Mireku
Regional Budget Analyst

The budget unit of the Bono Regional Coordinating Council has the responsibility to lead the preparation of Annual Budget Estimate.

The Unit advises Management on Revenue and Expenditure Management as well as provision of technical guidance to Management on budgetary matters, establishing a database for financial planning and resource mobilization and updates financial records of all projects.

The Budget Officer shall be responsible for:

  • Analyzing budgets submitted by District Assemblies and submitting his/her comments/observations for attention of RCD/RM
  • Preparation of Annual Budget Estimates for the Office of BRCC
  • Supervision of preparation and monitoring of DA’s budgets
  • Preparation of Annual composite Budget for the BRCC
  • Organization of Seminars relating to Budgeting for District Budget Officers
  • Monitoring of AA’s development projects
  • Processing of Warrants for payment of monies released for payment of Central Government-funded Projects in the Region.
  • Monitoring and reporting on PIP projects on regular basis

Mr. Alexander Zormelo
Regional Internal Auditor

The mission of the Internal Audit Unit is to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the organization’s operations. It helps the organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. The Unit also reviews and updates audit programs of the RCC. 


  • Advises Management on effectiveness of risk management, control and governance process.
  • Supervises and directs all internal audits within the ambit of the Internal Audit Unit.
  • Prepares Strategic and Annual Plans, Budgets and audit assignments for the Internal Audit Unit.
  • Sets performance targets with internal audit team leaders for each year to achieve organizations goals.
  • Supervises team leaders to prepare audit programmes for internal audit assignments.
  • Monitor and review performance of audit teams.
  • Approve audit plans, co-ordinate audit work, perform audit assignments, and ensure that audit reports are supported by adequate audit evidence.
  • Ensures that Audit Report Implementing Committees are functioning in Assemblies and MDAs.

The scope of work of the internal audit unit is to determine whether the organization’s network of risk management is adequate and functioning in a manner to ensure:
1. Risk are appropriately identified and managed.
2. Interaction with the various governance groups occurs as needed.
3. Significant financial, managerial, and operating information is accurate, reliable, and timely.
4. Employees’ actions are in compliance with polices, standards, procedures, and applicable laws and regulations.
5. Resources are acquired economically, used efficiently, and protected adequately.
6. Programs, plans, and objectives are achieved.
7. Quality and continuous improvement are fostered in the organization’s control process.
8. Significant legislative or regulatory issues impacting the organization are recognized and addressed properly.

Mr. George Baah
Procurement Officer

The Procurement Unit is under the Central Administration of the Council. The Unit exists to provide strategic direction for the achievement of the overall objective of the procurement function in the Council.

The core mandate of the unit is to coordinate all activities in the area of works, goods and services in accordance with the Procurement Act.

  • Convenes meetings of the Entity Procurement Committee of the Regional Co-ordinating Council
  • Responsible for the efficient management of Regional Co-ordinating Council stores, including the organization and supervision of the store Division and Personnel thereof.
  • Responsible for Preparation of Store Ledger.
  • Keeping an up-to-date Master Inventory of all RCC property at the Office and in the Bungalows. 
  • Compilation and submission of monthly and annual returns on all stores issues including fuel and lubricants to vehicles and plants
  • Authorization of stores to be issued by Storekeeper (s) 

Mr. Mark Yaw Danso
Head of Finance

  • Responsible for the general supervision of the finance (Accounts) Section including staff.
  • Responsible for the preparation of Annual Recurrent Estimates in consultation with schedule officers.
  • Responsible for disbursement of funds for Recurrent Expenditure, subject to approval from RCD in consultation with RM/DRM.
  • Responsible for processing Payment Vouchers, Expenditure Warrants, and Application for Release of Fund.
  • Responsible for the keeping of Imprest Accounts
  • Checking of all financial documents routed to the RCD for authorization and the treasuries for processing and for payment.
  • Keeping of Financial Encumbrance jacket to ensure control of funds.
  • Consultant on all financial matters referred to the unit by the RCD.
  • Co-ordinates the use of the following funds; Eu-Aid UNPFA and other donor funds and appropriate reports prepared and submitted on time
  • Responsible for the preparation and submission, on quarterly basis, of Expenditure Returns at Sub-Item level.
  • Prepare financial accounts for submission to Controller and Accountant General’s Department
  • Submit draft explanation to audit queries
  • Ensures judicious use of funds in accordance with official procedures;
  • Develops financial policies and procedures for planning, controlling and monitoring financial transactions.

Mrs. Akua Gyekyewaa Antwi 
Human Resource Manager

The Human Resource Department is mainly responsible for managing, developing capabilities and competencies of each staff as well as coordinating human resources management programmes to efficiently deliver public services within the RCC.
The Department also coordinates overall human resources programmes and organize staff trainings to build capacity of staff.

The M.I.S Unit is responsible for the deployment of Information and Communication Technologies to increasing the Council’s operational efficiencies and enhancing ICT Governance. The Unit provides leadership in the design and implementation of security measures to protect the IT/IM installations, infrastructure and systems within the RCC. It also advises on the provision and maintenance of computers and accessories of the Council.

The Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit has the mandate to ensure that all factors that tend to have adverse effects on human health in the environment are brought under control. It therefore behooves the Environmental Health Department, with support from the RCC, to ensure that this responsibility is executed in accordance with the Environmental laws.The purpose of the Environmental Health Department is to ensure the prevention of any hazard or negative impact the environment may have on human.

The department is therefore to assess, correct, control and prevent those factors in the environment which can adversely affect the health of both present and future generations.

Responsibilities of the Environmental Health Officer are:

  • Preparation of Environmental Health Estimates.
  • Preparation of Environmental Health reports including Annual Reports
  • Periodic tours of the districts.
  • Handling of technical enquiries on sanitation from individuals and organizations including districts, manufactures and suppliers.
  • Representing the Regional Co-ordinating Director in Regional Committees/Boards dealing with Environmental Health matters.
  • Responsible for the general cleanliness of the Residency Bungalows of DRM,RCD, GMS and Guest Houses of the RCC offices environment as well as the surrounding of Regional Office. In this connection, officer will collaborate with Works Superintendent.
  • Responsible for the general maintenance of grounds of the Regional Office and the Residency including the residences of DRM and RCD and other Senior Officers

Mr. Charles Kwame Edem Akpalu
Protocol Officer

The functions of the Protocol Unit are:

  • Serves as a liaison between the RCC and the State Protocol Department on all Protocol related activities involving the RCC and its functionaries.

  • Coordinates with relevant stakeholders for the successful planning and organization of all national and regional celebrations in the Region.

  • Coordinates official visits of senior state functionaries, members of the Diplomatic Corps and other VVIPs to the region.

  • Coordinates activities related to the general upkeep of the Residency and its annexes.
  • Supervises the activities of the Catering and Housekeeping Sections and ensures the welfare of staff in the Unit.

The functions of the Works Unit are to:

  • Oversee the implementation of all engineering works at the RCC
  • Responsible for General maintenance works on institutional bungalows, staff quarters, Residency, DRM’s Residence, among others.
  • Supervision of all general maintenance works by the Woks / Maintenance Branch. In this connection, officer shall be responsible for:
  • Vetting all estimates from the Works Section in respect of works to be done by the section.
  • Providing inputs in the forms of draft estimates for the maintenance and repair of RCC properties for incorporation into draft Annual Regional Budget Estimates
  • Formulate policies for the efficient management and administration of the Department;
  • Provide technical backstopping for the RCC;
  • Offer technical assistance to the RCC and MMDAs in all engineering matters
  • Monitor and evaluates projects.

Ms. Diana Ansah
Head, Records Management Unit

The functions of the Registry/Records Unit are:

  • Organization and supervision of the General Registry
  • Ensures that the General Registry functions effectively / efficiently and also to ensure easy location of files, prompt dispatch of mails, etc.
  • Ensures efficient use of the Electronic Records Management System
  • Monitoring the control books (file movement register, Trail Balance Register, pigeon letter register, letter receive, dispatch registers, Census book etc.
  • Tracing files and mails for prompt filling
  • Photocopying letters for dispatch

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