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Department of Rural Housing

Mrs. Georgina Jones Adjei

Ag. Regional Director, Rural Housing

The Department of Rural Housing, Sunyani Bono Region, as one of the implementation agencies under the Ministry of Water Resources. Works and Housing has been in existence since 1973 after the Workers Brigade of the First Republic became defunct.


To formulate policies and implement programmes for the provision of adequate and decent housing for the benefit an improvement of the welfare of all living in the rural areas.


To improve the housing environment in the rural and peri-urban areas to reflect on the level of development in the country.


  • Providing and facilitating access to decent shelter
  • Disseminating creative and innovative research findings in the production and use of improved local building materials
  • Undertake on-the job training for the unemployed skills in construction like Masonry, Carpentry, Painting etc.
  • Provide technical assistance in construction to NGOs, MMD Assemblies and Rural Communities and use of improved local building materials.
  • Facilitating maintenance of rural housing
  • Construct demonstration houses using improved local building materials.
  • Facilitate individuals and groups to establish production units for improved local building materials.
    In order to satisfy the housing needs of Ghanaians. Improve Local Building Materials (ILBMs) which have gone through years of testing and critical examinations are used. The materials ranging from sand, clay, laterite, wood, bamboo and cement are used to create safe, decent and affordable housing units for rural and peri-urban communities. Making ILBMs also requires simple tools and machinery which are manually operated making it useable in every locality.


Official number: 0352027293/0247616663

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Digital address: BS-0016-0473


  • The department, under the supervision and monitoring of the Department of Rural Housing Accra, is playing a critical role in the construction of Housing units for the APPIATSE community in the Western Region after the unfortunate disaster which occurred on Thursday 20th January, 2022.

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