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Tourism, parks and festivals

Over the past decade tourism has become one of the most important and fastest growing sectors of the national economy, and has sufficiently demonstrated its potential as a sector that can contribute immensely in attracting private investment, generating employment and enhancing industrial diversification.

The Region has a significant potential for tourism development but most of the tourist attractions and the hospitality industry are less developed.  Some of the prominent tourist attractions in the Bono Region are the festivals.

The people of Bono region have positive cultural practices which bind them together. Among them include Annual Yam Festival – Dormaa and Banda, Apoc festival – Wenchi, Kwafie and Munufie – Berekum (Yawada). These festivals offer them the opportunity to engage and discuss the welfare of respective areas towards the betterment of the people of Bono.

Other prominent tourist attractions in the Bono Region are:

  • Nchiraa Waterfalls
    Wedged between the mountains of the Nchiraa Settlement, the Nchiraa waterfalls is located 30 kilometres North of Wenchi. The tourist is offered a hiking adventure on a rocky and challenging footpath that leads to the waterfalls. The existence of other natural and cultural tourism within 10 kilometers radius makes the tour package exhilarating. These includes the Wurobo Ancestral Caves which is located about 8 kilometers from Nchiraa Settlement. The caves are believed to be the original dwelling place of the people of Nchiraa.

  • Duasidan Monkey Sanctuary
    Duasidan Monkey Sanctuary is located 10 kilometers Southwest of Dormaa Ahenkro. This sanctuary hosts a rare breed of Mona monkeys. Bamboo trees form a canopy in the middle of the forest, which serves as a resting grounds for visitors. Monkeys can be seen swinging up and down tree branches and peeling bananas left out for them. It is quite a remarkable sight as the visitors get the chance to see how monkeys carry their babies on the move.

  • Bui National Park / Bui Dam
    A park that covers 1,821 kilometers square and covers part of the Black Volta River, the Bui National Park is endowed with several species of antelopes and a variety of birds. It is also known for its hippopotamus population. The tourist can take a cruise on the Black Volta River through the National Park. The Bui Dam is located at the base of the Banda Mountains, the dam was built to improve Ghana’s energy requirements.

  • Hani Archaeological Site
    One of the few archaeological sites in Ghana, the Hani archaeological site is located at Tain. Visitors can access the site of digging and the settlement of the Begho people, some of its artifacts and relics from 12th-century civilization can be found in the chiefs palace.

  • Nwoase Ostrich Farm
    Located at Nwoase near Wenchi, is the ostrich farm. The ostrich is known to be the largest living bird. It has a long neck, long legs and two toes on each foot. Tourists can make a stop at the farm to see one of nature’s wonders as the ostrich can reach a height of 2.75 meters.

  • Busia Mausoleum
    This mausoleum was built in memory of the late Professor K.A.Busia. A Prime Minister of the 2nd Republic of Ghana. Located at the Wenchi-Nsawkaw road about 400 meters from the Centre of Wenchi town. The Busia Mausoleum displays some artifacts and personal items used by Dr. Busia. It also takes the tourist back to ancient times when such items were used.

  • Asukese Forest Reserve
    Asukese Forest Reserve is named after River Asukese which drains the area. It lies within the sunyani forest district. It is located in the Bono Region of Ghana and lies west of Sunyani – Mim Road through Atronie (about 19.3 km south west of Sunyani). Merchantable timber species such as the Odum, Sapele, Wawa, Chenchen, Esa with diameters as large as 150 cm can all be found in this forest. Fauna species also include antelopes, grasscutters, rats and deer.

  • The Mfensi Sacred Grove
    Mfensi, is the name of a Sacred Grove located at the north eastern part of Kato (a small community in the Berekum Municipality in the Bono Region) along the Sunyani Berekum highway.  It is about one and half kilometres from the centre of Berekum.  It is believed to be an area haunted by spirits.  The grove is about 40 hectares in size. Mfensi Sacred Grove is characterised by tall tropical trees some of which are Wawa, Mahogany, Ceiba, Odum, Ofram, Cidrella, Asanfena, Wabire etc.

  • Oldest Mango tree in Ghana
    The Korase mango tree located in the Jaman North District, is believed to be the oldest mango tree in Ghana based on research by the archeology department of University of Ghana-Legon according to the traditional leaders in Korase

  • Asuokor Mystery fishes
    There are mystery fishes in the Asuokor river in the Jaman North District, which usually comes ashore based on performance of some traditional rituals. These mystery fishes cannot be eaten.

  • Other tourist sites in Bono Region

1Asukase forest reserveAsukase- atronieSunyani0208498019Development of the site needed
2Amama forest reserveAtronieSunyani0208498019Development of the site needed
3Duasidan monkey sanctuaryDuasidanDormaa centralTheresah abena yeboah- 0208027230Partially developed. The assembly with support from solidaridad(ngo) constructed an administrative office.
4Ghana – cote d’ivoire borderKofibadukromDormaa centralOsei augustine – 0208111102Undeveloped
5Mystery rocksAsunsu n0. 1Dormaa centralEric yeboah kyeremeh – 0549153002Undeveloped
6Nchiraa WaterfallsNchiraaWenchi MunicipalNana Tabiri III (Nchiraa Chief) – 0244588956Underdeveloped, Poor Road access
7Dr, K.A. Busia’s TombWenchiWenchi MunicipalHon.Damoah (MCE) 
8Boonso CaveWenchiWenchi Municipal Underdeveloped, Poor Road access.
9Munukusie FestivalBerekumBerekum West District Celebrated annually in October
10Buodi ScarpBuodiJaman South MunicipalityMR.BOAHEN-0242919992      MR. ATTA-0246275238-NOT DEVELOPED IDENTIFICATION STAGE
11Crocodile PondMpuasuJaman South MunicipalityMR.BOAHEN-0242919992      MR. ATTA-0246275238-NOT DEVELOPED IDENTIFICATION STAGE
12Water SpringFaamanJaman South MunicipalityMR.BOAHEN-0242919992      MR. ATTA-0246275238-NOT DEVELOPED IDENTIFICATION STAGE
13Underground Carving IndustryAbuokromJaman South MunicipalityMr.Boahen-0242919992      Mr. Atta-0246275238-Not Developed Identification Stage
14WaterfallTromoaseJaman South MunicipalityMr.Boahen-0242919992      Mr. Atta-0246275238-Not Developed Identification Stage
15Pictorial Chain MountainsAdamsuJaman South MunicipalityMr.Boahen-0242919992      Mr. Atta-0246275238-Not Developed Identification Stage
16Rocky PlainBodaaJaman South MunicipalityMr.Boahen-0242919992      Mr. Atta-0246275238-Not Developed Identification Stage
17Ghana-La Cote D’ivoire Border DemarcationKwameseikrom And ZezeraJaman South MunicipalityMr. Oduro-0242276762Under Developed Poor Road Access
18Archaeological siteHaniTain Potential and needs Development
19Ancient Cave SiteBegho(Nsesrekeseso)require developmentTain Required Development
20Nyempene Tain RiverTainasoTain Required Development
21Menji Crocodile PondMenjiTain Required Development
22Degedege Irrigation DamDegedegeTain Required Development
23Kwame Tenten MountainKwame tentenTain Required Development
24Fordjour Yam FestivalBaduTain Required Development
25Oldest Mango tree in GhanaKoraseJaman North District  
26Mystery FishesAsuokorJaman North District  
27Slave trade campJininiJaman North District  

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