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Mr. Shadrach Abrefa Mensa, the Bono Regional Director of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has stated that the significant impact of the Agency’s modules was to support the aspirations of the youth and contribute to their personal and professional development.

He mentioned that over 3,800 young persons were currently benefiting from a variety of YEA modules in the Bono Region.

In an interview in Sunyani, Mr. Abrefa Mensa highlighted that approximately 700 youths were actively involved as Community Protection Assistant, while 60 were serving as Community Prison Officers’ Assistants at the Sunyani Central Prisons.

He said 345 individuals were actively serving as Community Health Workers, helping at Community Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compounds and other health facilities, additionally, 2,000 individuals were involved in the Youth in Waste and Sanitation module.

Under the Youth in Apparel and Textile module, Mr. Abrefa Mensa said 15 people had received funding of about GHc20,000 each to support the training of 50 other young people.

He added that the Youth in Trades and Vocation module currently had 420 young individuals undergoing specialized training to develop skills in various fields such as metal works, aluminum fabrication, auto mechanics, hairdressing, beauty care and masonry.

He said during the skill training programme, all beneficiaries would receive certification from the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) after completing the six Months training.

Mr. Abrefa Mensa highlighted the Business and Employment Assistant programme, which the region was fortunate to be part of during its pilot phase, saying 50 companies would participate in this programme with each having two beneficiaries, who would receive a stipend of GHC500 to supplement their income.

This initiative aims to support employers by providing financial assistance to the beneficiaries, thereby reducing the burden on employers, and encouraging them to hire more workers.

Mr. Abrefa Mensa emphasized that the YEA provided a Monthly stipend of GHS500 to all beneficiaries across its different modules, indicating the stipend was intended to cover transportation costs and other expenses.

He then commended the YEA management for distributing 30 motorbikes to the region to support the districts in their monitoring activities to enhance their monitoring operations.

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