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DCOP Joseph Gyamena Oklu, the Bono Regional Police Commander has called on the Regional Heads of Departments, Agencies and institutions to put measures or structures in place to check and monitor any possible terrorist activities within their surroundings.

The Regional Commander said this during a Regional Heads of Department Management meeting organized by the Bono Regional Coordinating Council in Sunyani. He observed that our personal security consciousness and management have been poor. “In offices or homes, anybody can visit these places without anyone asking anything,” he said. The Regional Commander noted that Ghana’s security structures need to be looked at “because we cannot continue to live by God’s Grace.” He stressed that it was high time measures were put in place. “Because, God has been protecting us so far and if God got tired, we are in trouble. We do not have to wait till God’s got tired because He has given us the grace up to this time and has given us the brains too and the ability to do certain things that could protect us ourselves,” he remarked.

He added, “Why can we have a structure that will at least not only serve as a determent but will also be to detect something if somebody wants to put us at risk?” He shares some personal security tips to the stakeholders to help protect themselves. The first recommendation was the installation of CCTV cameras. He urged the stakeholders to be proactive and monitor well to detect any suspicious character in their surroundings. He advised Departmental Heads to budget for the installation of CCTV cameras.

DCOP Oklu also recommended the installation of scanners to detect people who carry weapons. He suggested that whenever outdoor programmes are organized, they should invite the police to conduct the search. The Regional Police Commander further call for the installation of scanners and CCTV Carrera’s at homes to detect people with mischief intentions.

The Regional Commander of the National Investigation Bureau (NIB) also advised the stakeholders and regional heads to familiarize themselves with colleagues and neighbours to know each other better. He also advised them to weed their surroundings so that people with mischievous characters do not hide in the bushy surrounding to cause harm.

Mr. Andrews Okumah Nawil, the Chief Director for Bono Regional Coordinating Council thank the security services for their hard work. He said at a policy level, measures are being fashioned out for institutions, organizations including religious bodies and individuals to manage their security.

Source: Imoro T. Ayibani
Information Service Department, Bono Region

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