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The Office of the Head of the Local Government Service with support from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has developed a Records Management Manual (RMM) for the operationalization of the Records Management Unit across the Service.

The Management Sensitization Workshop was aimed at introducing and explaining new Local Government Service Records Management Manual to the Management of the Office of the Regional Coordinating Council for efficient and effective Records Management and ensure total migration by the end of the year. The workshop was scheduled for Thursday, 6th July, 2023.  

The training took place at the Conference Room of Bono Regional Coordinating Council, Sunyani.

The workshop was for all Heads of Units of the Office of the Bono Regional Coordinating Council and Heads of the Departments of Agriculture, Public Works, Community Development, Social Welfare, Feeder Roads and Parks and Gardens of the RCC.

The workshop was organized by the RCC and facilitated by the Bono Regional Trainers of the RMM i.e. Mr. Michael Kwabena Gyamfi and Mrs. Akua Gyekyewaa Antwi.  

The Chief Director, Mr. Andrews Okumah Nawil in his opening remarks, shared the purpose and relevance of the meeting. He reiterated the importance of the Workshop to the Heads and emphasized on the fact that, the rollout of the RMM is contained in the signed Performance Contract for the year for the RCCs and the MMDAs, thus Heads need to understand and cooperate to make the migration successful.

Mr. Gyamfi and Mrs Antwi alternated in giving presentations on very salient aspects of the RMM that the Heads were required to understand. The topic treated included, the Setup of the RMU, Incoming and Outgoing Correspondences, New Classification Series, Case Files, RMU Control Books, Types of Records and the Migration Process.

The RCD closed the session by enquiring from the heads of the decentralized departments, the state of the RMU, the availability of a dedicated space for the Unit, and their readiness to migrate. He also conscientized the units within the RCC that keep their own files that they will be decommissioned.  He ended by giving the RCC and its departments 20th July, 2023 to close all files and migrate unto the new classification scheme.

In conclusion, the workshop was very useful for the Heads as they were well educated on the RMM to understand and support and its rollout. It is hoped that, with the knowledge gained, they will back the establishment of the RMU and RMM will be smoothly implemented in the RCC and its Departments.

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