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WAN-Hive Ghana, a female focused organization dedicated to empowering women in the Bono Region, paid a courtesy visit to the Bono Region Minister, Ms. Justina Owusu–Banahene, affectionately known as Awo Baatanpa. The purpose of the visit was to express gratitude for her unwavering support towards women in the region and to acknowledge her significant contributions to WAN-Hive Ghana’s programs and events. The encounter proved to be a delightful and engaging experience for all involved.

WAN-Hive Ghana was warmly welcomed by the Regional Minister. She expressed her appreciation for the remarkable work that the organization has been doing in the region, particularly in empowering women. Her words of encouragement served as a testament to the positive impact WAN-Hive Ghana has had on the lives of countless women in the Bono Region.

During the meeting, Ms. Justina Owusu–Banahene assured WAN-Hive Ghana of her continued support and pledged to actively participate in their future programs and events. Her commitment to being a part of the organization’s initiatives further solidifies the partnership between WAN-Hive Ghana and the Bono Regional Minister. This collaboration promises to bring about even greater positive change for women in the region.

In addition to expressing her support, Ms. Justina Owusu–Banahene offered valuable advice to WAN-Hive Ghana on both personal and corporate development. Her insights and guidance will undoubtedly contribute to the organization’s growth and success in the future. The Minister’s willingness to share her wisdom demonstrates her dedication to empowering not only women but also organizations working towards the betterment of society.

The team from WAN-Hive Ghana led by the CEO Ms. Janat Issifu presented a citation to the Regional Minister to show their appreciations.

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