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On March 29, 2023, the Bono Regional Minister, Hon. Justina Owusu-Banahene, and her entourage of nine (9) Municipal and District Chief Executives from the Bono region, members of the Bono Regional Security Council and some management members of the Regional Coordinating Council, embarked on a three-day visit to Bui Power Authorities’ operational sites, within the Bui enclave.

The visit was to give the Minister a firsthand experience of the operations of the Bui Power Authority, how its operations are impacting on the lives of the communities within its catchment area and explore further opportunities for partnership within the region.

The entourage was received in Bui by the Chief Executive Officer of Bui Power Authority (BPA), Hon. Samuel Kofi Dzamesi. The Minister’s entourage interacted with the staff of BPA and proceeded to visit the site for the staff accommodation Project, where the Authority is adding up to the existing institutional accommodation, the BGS Powerhouse (the structure that houses the Plant that generates electricity), Control Room (command center for operating the BGS), Switchyard ( a substation where electricity generated is evacuated unto the National Interconnected Transmission System), and Dam Crest (the top of the dam where you can view the reservoir and other electro-mechanical installations).

The entourage also visited the ongoing installation of the additional 4MWp Floating Solar Plant on the Bui Reservoir as well as the land-based Solar PV farm where the Authority is operating an existing 50MWp Solar Plant and developing an additional 100MWp. An initial 10MWAh battery energy storage system has also been installed to allow the hybridisation of the Solar PV and Hydro Plants.

As part of activities, the Minister visited the 3 Infantry Battalion at Dokokyina where BPA CEO, Hon. Samuel Dzamesi presented a 50” Color TV to the military detachment to enable them keep abreast with current news. He also assured the military of BPA’s support, with the promise of an installation of solar panels to generate electricity for their basic use.

The entourage then inspected the Sugarcane Plantation of the Bui Sugar Factory Limited which has being developed under the auspices of BPA’s Bui City Development Concept.

The over 6,940-hectare plantation situated in the Fawoman community located in the Banda District, which upon completion, will become the largest sugarcane plantation in the country. The processing plant is expected to process about 60,000 tonnes of sugar annually and will be developed in four phases which will eventually result in a total production capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes annually.

Hon. Justina Owusu-Banahene praised Hon. Dzamesi and staff of the Authority for their impressive efforts, recognizing that the energy generated at the power plant was clean and environmentally friendly. The CEO thanked the Minister for the visit and gave his assurance that BPA will not relent in its efforts in power generation as well as the development of its operational communities.

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