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A two-day orientation workshop has been organized for newly recruited staff from the year 2019 to 2023 at the University of Ghana Distance Learning Centre in Sunyani. The Regional Co-ordinating Council (RCC) spearheaded the implementation of this orientation workshop by zoning the RCC and the MDAs in the Region.  RCC, Sunyani and Sunyani West Municipal Assemblies constituted zone 5. The workshop was held on 31st August to 1st September, 2023. The resource persons for the orientation workshop were:

  • Mr. Andrew Okumah Nawil, Regional Co-ordinating Director/Chief Director, RCC.
  • Mr. Emmanuel Kwabena Amwanchimbey, Co-ordinating Director, RCC.
  • Dr. Philip Baazeng, Municipal Co-ordinating Director, Sunyani Municipal Assembly.
  • Mr. Alexander Bae-Yeboah, Deputy Director, RCC.
  • Mrs. Akua Gyekyewaa Antwi, Senior Human Resource Manager, RCC
  • Ms. Theresa Adjei-Mensah, Assistant Director I, RCC.

The objectives of the orientation workshop were

  • To bolster the knowledge of newly recruited staff on the Local Government System and Local Government Service Protocols.
  • To provide a refresher training on some important aspects of administrative writing skills (Minutes Writing, Report Writing, and Memo Writing).
  • To help officers get acquainted with another
  • To inculcate in officers the importance of conducting themselves appropriately during and after office hours.

In his opening address, the Chief Director, Mr. Andrews Okumah Nawil, emphasized on the importance of the orientation workshop. He indicated that, the workshop is central to the aspirations of the Hon. Regional Minister and the Hon. MDCEs as well as the Regional Co-ordinating Director, consequently newly recruited staff were to take cognizance of the benefits that would be derived from the workshop.

Again, the Chief Director urged officers to understand thoroughly the modules to be presented in the workshop to better appreciate their work as Local Government Staff and excel in any given responsibility.

At the end of the presentations by the Resource Persons, the Senior Human Resource Manager, Mrs. Akua Gyekyewaa Antwi, grouped participants into their respective classes to have a group discussion and present on the Key Performance Areas and Key Performance Indicators of their various job descriptions. All the classes took turns to do the presentations. The purpose of this exercise was to help participants become abreast with the proper and acceptable way of completing the Performance Appraisal form especially in the sections of the Key Performance Areas and Key Performance Indicators.

After the presentations, there was a pep talk for each class by their senior colleague or unit heads.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Andrew Okumah Nawil, the Chief Director of RCC commended participants for availing themselves for two days to successfully complete the workshop. He encouraged officers to make good use of the knowledge they have acquired during the orientation workshop and not hesitate to approach their senior colleagues for assistance.

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