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Mr. Nathan Yankey, Director of Operations of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) inaugurated Audit Committees in the Ahafo, Bono and Bono East Regions in Sunyani on 9th June, 2022.

Hon. Mrs. Justina Owusu Banahene who chaired the event, thanked members for availing themselves to serve on the Committees. She mentioned the need for working Audit Committees as they are there to ensure the efficient use of public funds. “The Audit Committee is set to strengthen the financial control measures and promote transparency and accountability in the public financial management” she said. She admonished members that, they have both individual and collective responsibility to make sure the Committees work for the betterment of the regions. She thanked the Internal Audit Agency for committing to ensuring the effectiveness of these Audit Committees and serving as a preventive tool to curbing corruption.

Mr. Nathan Yankey, swore-in Audit Committees of twenty-nine (29) MMDAs and one (1) RCC to serve in the three regions namely Bono Region, Bono East Region and Ahafo Region.

He charged members to serve as the overall corporate governance of the various assemblies for the betterment of the regions. He tasked them to be committed to their advisory roles and support roles to ensure the effective and efficient use of the public funds. He admonished them to be independent in the discharge of their duties.

The Audit Committee members were oriented on what is expected of them for their two-year term including checking of controls and advising on any risk they may find. He tasked them to ensure that findings in the Internal Audit Report is looked at by Management.

Hon. Justina Owusu in her closing remarks tasked the Municipal Chief Executives to work collaboratively with the various Audit Committees in the discharge their duties and pledged her support.

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