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The Office of the Head of the Local Government Service with support from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has developed a Records Management Manual (RMM) for the operationalization of the Records Management Unit across the Service.

Two Officers from the Bono RCC namely Mr. Michael Kwabena Gyamfi (Deputy Director, Administration) and Mrs. Akua Gyekyewaa Antwi (Senior Human Resource Manager) were nominated to partake in the ToT and consequently charged with the responsibility of training Records Officers at the RCC and Districts in the Region.

The RMM Workshop was aimed at developing the Skills, Knowledge and Attitude of the Records Officers at the Records Management Units (RMUs) to enable them to implement the practice defined in the newly developed Manual.

The Two-Day training was scheduled for Monday, 19th to Tuesday, 20th December, 2022 and Wednesday 21st to Thursday 22nd December, 2022 for Zone 1 and Zone 2 respectively.

The training took place at the Conference Room of the Office of the Bono RCC, Sunyani.

The 12 Districts in the Region were grouped in two Zones, comprising 6 Districts per zone. Each District was represented by at least Two (2) RMU officers and one(1) Supervisor. Six (6) Decentralized Departments at the RCC were also represented by 1 RMU officer each of which 3 joined each Zone.

The Districts that participated in Zone One were Sunyani M/A, Berekum West D/A, Dormaa Central M/A, Dormaa East D/A, Jaman South M/A and Tain D/A. The Departments that joined were Agriculture, Public Works Department and Parks and Gardens as well as Bono RCC RMU Officers. Zone1 had a total of twenty-seven (27) Officers in attendance

The Districts that participated in Zone Two were Sunyani West M/A, Berekum East M/A, Dormaa West D/A, Wenchi M/A, Jaman North D/A and Banda D/A. The Departments that joined were Social Welfare, Feeder Roads, Community Development as well as RCC RMU Officers. Zone 2 had a total of twenty-six (26) Officers in attendance.

The workshop was very participatory and fruitful. It has given the participants fair knowledge, skill and attitude needed to implement the RMM, given all the additional resources they need. It is hoped that the RMU and RMM will be smoothly established in the RCC and the Districts in the Region.

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