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In a remarkable demonstration of her commitment to civic engagement and the democratic process, the Bono Regional Minister, Hon. Justina Owusu Banahene, embarked on a tour of Electoral Commission’s (EC) registration centers within her jurisdiction.

The primary aim of this visit was to gain firsthand insight into the ongoing voter registration exercise. Hon. Justina Owusu-Banahene’s presence not only served to motivate and inspire but also to exhort both the dedicated staff of the EC and the potential registrants to maintain a high standard of conduct, ensuring a seamless and peaceful registration process.

Her first stop was at the Sunyani Municipal office of the EC, where she was warmly received and accompanied by the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Ansu Kumi. Following the customary exchange of pleasantries, the Regional Minister engaged in meaningful interactions with both the EC officials and the eager applicants. With grace and poise, she encouraged the EC officials to carry out their duties with patience and fairness, emphasizing the importance of a smooth registration process.

Addressing the crowd of applicants, affectionately known as “Awo” by those who admire her, the Hon. Minister imparted words of wisdom, urging them to exercise patience and discipline. Her words resonated deeply with the aspiring registrants, who were inspired to conduct themselves with dignity, providing the EC officials with a conducive environment to serve them efficiently.

From the Sunyani Municipality, the Bono Regional Minister extended her journey to Wenchi, another vibrant community within the Bono Region. Here, she graced the Wenchi Municipal office of the Electoral Commission with her presence, once again joined by the Municipal Chief Executive. Together, they conducted a similar exercise, reinforcing the message of civic responsibility and the significance of a transparent registration process.

The Regional Minister’s tour of these registration centers exemplifies her unwavering dedication to fostering civic participation and promoting democracy. Her words of encouragement and motivation will undoubtedly resonate with the residents of the Bono Region, inspiring them to actively engage in the democratic process and exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections.

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