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Staff of the Bono Regional Coordinating council (RCC) have undergone intensive training on fire safety to reinforce a culture of fire safety within the organization and contribute to the overall well-being of the employees.

The training was held on 16th February,2023 in collaboration with the Ghana National Fire Service at the Conference Room of the RCC with demonstrations held at the forecourt of the RCC.

In his opening address, the Chief Director at the Bono RCC, Mr. Andrews Mensah said that it was important to organize the training to educate staff about the prevention and fighting of fires to forestall future challenges of combating fire out breaks which were especially prone during the dry season.

The participants were taken through intensive teaching and practical training on how to prevent, detect and put off fires with extinguishers and other firefighting tools.

The workshop was facilitated by two Officers of the Ghana National Fire Service, ADO1 Abraham Otoo and ADO1 Owusu Manu.

The Officers advised Management of the RCC to procure fire extinguishers to augment those in stock to facilitate firefighting at the office and also, management was advised to provide fire alarms in the various offices to help detect outbreak of fire promptly.

The training was a very insightful and educative one with all staff in attendance being grateful to the Officers of the Ghana National Fire Service.

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